Beautif Eye & Neck – Bio Nutri Treatment

Discover the power of targeting delicate areas with FILLMED’s Beautif Eye & Neck Bio Nutri treatments.

These revolutionary solutions are designed to refresh tired eyes, turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. In the age of mobile phones, where we constantly look down, lines around the neck area are becoming more noticeable.

Whether you seek preventive measures or wish to address existing concerns, FILLMED has the answer.

The treatment begins with a rejuvenating Chemical Peel, laying the foundation for the transformative results to follow. Next, micro injections are administered using Nano Soft, equipped with NCTF135ha, our skin hero. This powerful combination delivers NCTF135ha to the perfect depth with the help of 3 crystal silicone needles, creating a harmonious skin ecosystem.

The treatment is tailored to provide a radiant GLOW, making it an ideal choice for those seeking luminous and rejuvenated skin. To delve deeper into the wonders of NCTF135ha, consult your trusted skin specialist who can provide you with more information about this exceptional product.

Empower yourself to achieve your skin goals and experience the revitalising effects of FILLMED’s targeted treatments. Say hello to refreshed eyes and a youthful neck, ready to face the world with confidence.

Eye Neck

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Our commitment to putting our customers first and creating the very best impression has seen us win ‘Decléor Aroma Gold Scotland Regional Salon Winner’ in both 2007 and 2008.

Regular and refresher training allows our fully qualified beauty therapist to continually offer you the best and most up-to-date treatments with the added peace of mind that you are in professional hands. Based in Aberdeen, Glow Skin & Beauty offers a very extensive range of treatments.

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